Apr 26, 2021

Recovery Network of Programs Announces Two New Divisions


Recovery Network of Programs, Inc. (RNP), a non-profit social service agency, has recently added two innovative programs—the Community Center for Integrated Health (CCIH) and the Community Response Initiative (CRI)—into its comprehensive network of care. The new programs greatly expand access and provide essential physical, mental, and emotional support to individuals living in Fairfield County.

As a comprehensive system providing critical treatment and support services to individuals living with mental health and substance use disorders, RNP’s new CCIH and CRI programs allow the organization to expand its reach and impact by providing essential services and care to both urban and suburban communities.

The Community Center for Integrated Health (CCIH) is the new centralized hub of RNP, created to provide easy, seamless access to all of RNP’s twenty-four programs, as well as its partner agencies. CCIH collaborates with other organizations in the community, including The Child and Family Guidance Center, OPTIMUS Health Care, and Greater Bridgeport Community Mental Health Center, to deliver enhanced, integrated services to children, adults, and families.

The Community Response Initiative (CRI) marks an innovative collaboration between RNP and the Stamford Police Department to address the needs of individuals living with mental health and substance use disorders. RNP employs a licensed clinical social worker who works directly out of the police department. This partnership allows RNP to meet the behavioral healthcare needs of individuals within the Stamford community.

“Both CCIH and CRI exemplify Recovery Network of Programs’ long history and deep commitment of restoring health and healing for individuals and communities,” said Jennifer Kolakowski, LCSW, CCDP-D, MATS, and CEO of RNP. “As a result of our extended network of care, dedicated staff, and generous donors and volunteers, we are now able to provide critical support to more communities and community members than ever before.”

In addition to launching two new programs, RNP recently rebranded to modernize and enhance its look and feel. Together with South Norwalk-based marketing agency Hatch 130 and its philanthropic Hatch Initiative program, RNP has debuted its new brand logo. The design team at Hatch wanted to mimic the tranquil and inviting environment of RNP, modifying the organization’s blue and green color scheme and incorporating varying shades to represent both diversity and collaboration. The leaf-like icon signifies movement and growth, symbolic of our ever-evolving nature as humans. RNP and Hatch will continue working together, redesigning the RNP website and creating a more purposeful digital experience for its clients and visitors.

To learn more about RNP and its programs, please visit recovery-programs.org.

About Recovery Network of Programs
Recovery Network of Programs, Inc. (RNP), is a private, non-profit, social service agency that has been serving the Greater Bridgeport Community since 1972. Our mission is to restore hope, health, and well-being for individuals and families in a recovery environment that embraces compassion, dignity, and respect.

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